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Compare Chattanooga Vectra Genisys Laser to the ML830® Cold Laser

Chattanooga Vectra Genisys Laser

Laser Penetration

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Laser Effect on the Healing Process

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Chattanooga Vectra Genisys Laser



Costs $4000 - $5000 (est) Select Models under $3k 
Affordable NO YES 
Double Blind Studies - Medical NO YES 
FDA Cleared NO YES 
Laser Class IIIb IIIb 
Years in the USA n/a 18 years 
FDA NHN Cleared Laser No Yes in 2002 
FDA Cleared LED Yes Yes 
Laser Power (not led) 200-300 mW 90mw 
Laser Penetration est 5 cm est 5cm 
Laser Wavelength 820 / 850 nm 830nm 


Chattanooga Vectra Genisys Laser is not a NHN (non thermal) FDA cleared laser diode device. Chattanooga Vectra Genisys Laser are using the old heat lamp clearance on the FDA books

According the Chattanooga Vectra Genisys Laser 510K letter with the FDA: The Chattanooga Vectra Genisys Laser is a heating lamp.

The only laser manufacturers with a 510K clearance as a NHN (non thermal) laser are the ML830 & Erchonia Laser. Both companies have a specific clearance with the FDA. This company, and others, are just piggy backing on an old heat lamp code. Instead of being approved as a cold laser (laser emitting diodes), they were approved as an LED (light emitting diodes) heat lamp.

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Read This Before Making ANY Laser Purchase.